Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This Yummy Yummy range of papers and goodies absolutely caught my eye - I think I bought one of everything. "Grannybena" is one of my favorite layouts. :-) Mist by Smooch!

Magic Mount/ Foam Tape, whatever you want to call it - I LOVE IT!

Letters - American Crafts

I wrote that a couple of years ago and I must have been feeling crabby about some comment or another I no doubt received in regards to having four boys. Some people act like I have done this to personally vex and irritate them! Sigh :-)

This is bad but in 31 years of parenting (my kids combined ages, does that even make sense? 13+11+5+3) I have NEVER attended a school swimming lesson or carnival ... bad mother yep I agree, but even worse it means no photos so I set this one up and am thrilled Luke has a record of what happened.

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