Sunday, April 10, 2011


The cake is always chocolate as its the only recipe I have in my head and I couldn't be bothered doing the whole "have we got such and such to go in the cake" thing! Brad by Heidi Swapp

Simon now aged 3.5 saw this one today and said "is that Andy?", "no, it's you", "I don't want to look like that!!!" and pointed to his mouth, I said "you were asleep" and he sort of perked up really!

OK, so cut out a framey matt, I just draw lines in pencil on the back and then use my paper trimmer, or you can use a craft knife, then scrape the edges inside and out with the blade of the scissors to rough them up, then add a touch of white paint but dont overdo it, when the paint is dry, please be patient then wrap ribbons round the edge, pop the whole shooting match up on magic mount :-)

I really think you have to hand stitch buttons on - finish what you start, glue dots just don't have the same look! BTW some of those negative letters were ON PURPOSE! I know! :-)

Oh Prairie Lane, these colours absolutely thrill me - chocolate brown with blues, really you cant go wrong with that. Well maybe you could if you added green or something, but luckily I didn't!

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