Friday, April 15, 2011


I just love this range, I truly do. The colours were my favs when I was a little girl - Pink and Purple!! So I did a few fun "boyish" layouts... just because I can!
Nice Hair guys!

It's a wonder I am not completely mad. Hang on. Maybe I am!

Get it? Get it? Get it? The plants are tall and growing and so is Tom. Oh what a poetic analogy :-)

Oh I so love a good title, and a gorgeous button - they HAVE to be stitched on. I use a lot of machine work too often it's barely noticeable but most layouts I do have some stitching on them. My first machine stitched layout was back in 2003 ish.

I also did a cute journal in this range - very similar style to that above. It was on display at the shop, but is gone, apparently someone liked it so much they shoplifted it! Oh well. Perhaps it's the ultimate compliment.

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